It depends on the client. Sometimes we are discussing relationship issues or emotional or mind chatter issues… or financial challenges… or how their home or office environment is an issue… or it may be looking at everyday life of the client and how to upgrade their lifestyle.

When it’s a lifestyle upgrade, I turn to Young Living.
Young Living doesn’t just offer pure essential oils.
Young Living offers… all things essential oil.

* Bath and body products.
* Massage products.
* Health and nutrition supplements.
* Snacks and meal replacement.
* Weight management and hunger control products.
* Oral care products.
* Natural cleaning solutions.
* Diffusers
* Chemical free Cosmetics

Products that create a Living Young and Well Lifestyle!

When I’m consulting with a Client about options and steps on how to upgrade their lifestyle, I listen to the Soul of the client and offer suggestions from what I hear. The Soul Knows… and what I’m “doing” with a Client is helping them hear their own Inner Guidance.

Everything that you are looking for is inside of you. Go there. If you are unfamiliar with how to go there, that is what I offer.  During your session I offer the steps to go Inward so that you can re-set the thinking.  Sessions are in groups of 3’s.  You can meet once a month or three times a month with me via Zoom and/or in-person. Please contact me to schedule your Lifestyle Upgrade and change your story.

I LOVE Living Young and Well!