About Char

Who is Char?

May I share my journey with you?

Born the youngest of 8 kids… my parents were 44 and 42 when they had me in 1967… with the next youngest 7 years old, who in their right brain wants another kid at that age AND when you just got the last one into grade school!… not to mention that being pregnant at that age there could have been many physical problems with a baby way back then. Luckily there wasn’t! The only difference with me compared to the rest of the family is that I was born with super sensitive abilities/energy or whatever you want to call it. It doesn’t matter what you want to call it, I was born feeling and knowing a great deal more than the “tribe” I was “dropped” into.

So yeah, I wasn’t planned and was totally different. There starts the journey!

So I grow up the best that I could in a family/tribe that was doing the best that they could at that time. How did I do it? Basically kept moving… to sit still was uncomfortable. When you are super sensitive to the energy and the people around you, sitting still can be a HUGE challenge and sometimes physically, emotionally and mentally draining and/or painful.

Fast forward to teenage years and into the young adult years I continued to keep moving, was active in school and in sports and other interests that were different from my family. The only common interest was drinking alcohol. It was fun to party with my friends! Drugs even became a way of survival. Before I turned 30 I owned and operated my first business… a health club… and was married for almost 5 years at that time. Instead of having children, I have businesses. LOL!

Just to let you know, businesses are like having children and they put just about the same amount of pressure on marriage as children.

The year 2000 rolls around and that’s when life became REALLY interesting. My father became ill with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. BOOM! Next, to my husband, he was my everything. That one year of medical appointments, chemo and radiation treatments on Dad, family drama and my own issues just about took me out.

Dad lives one year from diagnosis. When he transitioned, a HUGE chunk of me fell off. Deep dive into booze and figuring out a better way to heal because chemo, radiation, and doctors did ZERO to make anything better. Anger is added to the anger that I already had from my childhood experiences of not been cared for and/or nurtured like a child needs during those first 12 years of life.

That was in 2001 when I started to read, study and experience the world of energy and energy healing… and started to unravel the anger, but not really.

Fast forward again, I’ve had many, many, many classes, training, certifications, degrees since 2000. The biggest pieces of training have been life… two major Master Life Schools.

1) At year 10 of the marriage I learned how to shift a fighting and basically dead relationship into now a 25+ marriage to one man. We are closer than ever, rarely fight and continue to grow in Love and in Life.

2) In 2007 moving my husband and myself into the childhood home I grew up in to take care of my aging mother.

“If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family” by Ram Dass

In 2011, another Shift Happens within me and the anger that I have been pushing down for years is ready to be completely unraveled. Deep dive into fully Awakened Consciousness I go. By 2016, I’m up and out of the Depths with clarity, tools, more of my own energy and the experience of how to rise above drama, mind chatter, physical pain and head gamescaused by emotional wounds, survival techniques, social conditioning, habits, and the collective.

So, if you are ready to make significant changes in your life than I’m ready to help you. I’ve learned how to quiet the mind chattering voice that creates so much trouble physically, emotionally and mentally. I’ve learned how to keep all of my energy when I’m around life-sucking people be it family, friends, the public… I’m able to create the life that I really want to live. All while still living with my biggest Teacher… my Mother and the issues in my tissues that I wasn’t able to deal with when I was growing up.

Yes, I’m on a spiritual journey but we also live on earth, so I’m not going to sugar coat anything or act like you “think” I’m to act just because I am on a spiritual journey. Doing that just about killed me. So here I am, on the other side of the fires that I’ve walked thru over the years and if you ready to set the BS down and rise Upward to more LOVE in your Soul, Freedom in your walk and more energy in your body let’s visit.

Hop on over to the Work With Me page and we will get moving and shaking to help you create the Life of Your Dreams!

Helpful in showing me new and different ways to look at and process experiences.

Determining my core desired feelings left me feeling invigorated!  I am excited to bring this new awareness and knowledge to my everyday life.

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