Sacred News For You

Let’s get right to the point. 

What is your pain?… What are you having challenges with? 

What has brought you to this website?… What are you needing help with?

  • do you want to quiet mind chatter?     
  • do you want the relationship challenges to end?
  • do you want the physical pain to end?
  • do you want to be free of financial challenges?
  • do you want to create more balance in your life?
  • do you want to be done feeling lost and all alone?
  • do you want to play bigger in your business and/or life?
  • do you want to learn how to meditate?
  • do you want to Be more present?
  • do you want a more fulfilling life?
  • do you want all of the above?

If you are ready, I’m here to show you how and what needs to be done. 

Why or how do I know what needs to be done?

Please click here and I will answer that question.

I had a session with Char that was healing beyond words. She is direct but in such a loving and compassionate way. She was able to get me to a place of feeling and eventually healing that I was unable to reach on my own. The tears that I shed were so deep and cleansing, like nothing I have felt in such a long time, if ever. As we finished the session, she informed me that my mom’s spirit just moved closer to the Light.. to Divine Source. She explained that as we heal and shift to a higher vibration, so do our loved ones and other spirits. Knowing that feeling what I did, I feel like I could breathe again. I felt centered and peaceful. I slept so well that night. I am so grateful that I was guided to have this session with Char. What a blessing.