Sacred News For You

At a very young age I’ve been able to feel and sense emotions in others. When I was growing up it was a survival technique…like what a chameleon does to survive – it matches its surroundings.

As I’ve matured in my Spiritual power it has become a tool to assist others in showing, feeling and releasing what is inside of them that no longer serves them.

Through the longing of my Soul and a deep desire to show up fully I’ve read self-improvement books, spiritual books, worked with powerful Healers, Shamans, Business Coaches and a Movement Coach that all assisted me in diving deep into my own Soul.

I’ve completed numerous Certifications such as Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Practitioner,  Essential Oil Certification, Chakra Practitioner, Tuning Fork Practitioner, Soul Coaching® with Denise Linn, Chakradance® Facilitator, and Licensed Desire Map Facilitator just to name a few.

What does all this mean to you?

All of  “this” ….what I’ve been gifted and experienced…..creates a unique sacred space that assists you to walk thru the doorway to your Full Potential, to regain your Spiritual power and to show up fully.

Are you choosing to be all in? 

If so, I’m here to help you with those small doors, big doors and scary doors. 

Love, love, love your store & your classes & all you do for everyone! You have such a magical way about things with all you do! J.O

Wonderful!  Expanding!  Great tools for moving forward and that I can use in every day of my life. L.C