Mentoring with Char

Mentoring with Char in-person, phone or online with Zoom. Or would you prefer that I come to your home or office to clear your space and offer tools and techniques to end mind chatter?

Whatever we decide, sessions are created to inspire you to step into your Full Potential?

Are you ready to BE the Master of your energy?

Essential Oils

When molecules of essential oils are inhaled, swallowed, or applied to the skin they resonate with your bodily tissues at the frequencies of that essential oil.

This increases your own natural electromagnetic vibration and restores coherence to your electric fields to produce healing and maintain wellness.

Each oil has a frequency and each of our organs and body parts have a frequency. Oils amplify intent. And intent will move molecules of oil to where they can best serve to heal. This is why oils and prayer work so well together!

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528 Hz Tuning Fork with Striker

The 528 Hz Tuning Fork is wonderful to play right before going to sleep. It only takes 5 – 10 minutes and you will soon be sleeping peaceful. Gently tap the Tuning Fork (about ¾ the way down on the fork part) on the puck and hold then hold close to your face or ear as the sound fades.

The 528 Hz is the frequency of Love! $35.00 plus tax and shipping of $7.95

Please contact me to order your Tuning Forks.

Universal Harmony Pair

These tuning forks are referred to as the Universal Harmony by Lao Tzu. They are used to create a sense of calmness and tranquility. Gently tap together and slowly move each one to your ears as the sound fades.

This brings balance to your body. $54.95 plus tax and shipping of $7.95

Please contact me to order your Tuning Forks.