Everything is energy. End of story.

Once you learn how to Shift your energy AND not let the energy around you pull you down, You are a Master.  This is not avoiding or denying emotions and energy.  It’s about Observing what is in and around you without it controlling you.  If you have a stack of bills sitting there, it may very well feel unpleasant and scary.

Feel that. 

Once you feel the emotions, it doesn’t control you and neither does the mind chatter when it sits there in your ear telling you how bad you are with money, etc. etc. etc. The Facts are that at the moment you have bills.  There is no need for additional input. Bring yourself to the Present Moment… at this moment you have bills and you may or may not have the money to pay them.  Stay in the Moment and the next Bread Crumb Trail will be dropped in front of you.

A few items that I practice when it’s bill-paying-time:

1. I pay bills in the morning or early afternoon. Not past 3:00p.m.

2. I diffuse Abundance Oil in the office while I pay bills… even dab some on me because I’m worth a great deal.

3. The time is written on my calendar as a client session.

4. I feel so lucky that I was trusted by these companies and grateful for the money that always seems to show up exactly when I need it.

5. The mind chattering mean voice doesn’t get to put in any sort of input. I move my Life Force Energy down into my Hara and I Trust that all is well.

6. If monies are flowing slowly for the month, then I pay what is due that day with no attention given to tomorrow. Tomorrow’s energy will take care of tomorrow.

Still Feeling Stuck?

Then you have GOT to move your body!!  Everything is a mirror to show you the energy inside of your head and body. If you are not moving your body, then energy flowing towards you cannot get thru because the energy in and around is stagnating.

Take a brisk 15 – 20-minute walk… or just dance to some music… or walk up and down a flight of stairs… or simply shake your body for 5-10 minutes… JUST MOVE!

Not only will moving help the energy Shift in and around you, but it will also quiet the mind chatter. That right there is a BONUS!!

You are the Driver of your Body & Mind.  Start BEing and doing it!!  You can do this, especially when you Ask for Help from your Spirit Team AND have Faith. Practice not believing the mind chatter and start doing the scary-exciting-gonna puke-nervous-ALIVE Living that you were created to do.

I LOVE Living Young and Well!


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