Greetings and Happy May!

This month’s newsletter is part of a FB Post from last week:

There is a major re-calibration taking place right now.…part of it is the 5 planets that are in retrograde right now and part is the year long process of our physical body receiving an upgrade.

The deep shifting that is taking place will be from the last week of April thru the first week in May…..the whole alignment process will go until the Summer Solstice for some and others until September and then the final batch will feel it at the end of the year.

These changes are an alignment process of our physical bodies with our spiritual bodies….we are BEcoming the version of our Self we always desired.

  • Cords are being cut that zap our energy. 
  • Cords are being cut that hold us back. 
  • Cords are being cut that are preventing us from our True Self.

So as we are floating…which just reminded me of the dream I had last night! Everyone was floating in this water that lit up! It wasn’t scary at all…as I was in this water I knew it was a “cleaning” on a whole new level.

Anyway, back to the floating we are in right now…there are 5 planets in retrograde. Not a bad thing. It’s a slow up thing. It’s a recalibration thing. It’s a rest and look around thing. It’s a realignment thing.

We are being called to slow down and align with who we are…which is a part of Source. We are being called to see the value that we are….and that value is on the inside of each one of us. We are being called to slow down, look inwards as this Light Cleansing Rinse Cycle does its job in for the next couple of weeks.


For the next couple of weeks set aside major decisions. Allow time to turn inwards even more now.

See you on the Playground!


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Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:00 – 5:30 and Saturday, May 21st 10:00 – 5:00.