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Ready to Quiet The Mind Chatter?

The voice in your head is not You…..and it usually is not creating a peaceful life for you. That voice and those thoughts are just distractions that create a hamster wheel in your life of struggle, frustration and the overall feelings of stuck/blocked/lost.
If you are reading this, Your Higher Self is Guiding you to learn how to Lead with your Soul….and this means You are ready no matter what the chatter is telling you.

Each Wednesday night we will experience guided meditations, moments of stillness and new ways to observe the You that is wanting to unfold. We will look at all areas of life and learn how to undo the beLIEfs, old programs, fears and habits. And most importantly, create space between You and the mind chatter.

If you have essential oils please have them near you along with tissue, notebook, pen/pencil, water or tea to drink. Have all of these items set up in your own quiet, sacred space where you won’t be disturbed during our time together. Make sure you are comfortable and have a computer connection with camera and audio. No worries! You can keep the camera off. Just make sure you can see and hear me.

If you have already heard your thoughts list a couple reasons of why you cannot attend these weekly classes PLEASE SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!! If you want real change in your life, this is where it is going to happen. You do not need to have essential oils. You do not need to attend every week. You do not need to share during the class. You do not need to know how to meditate.

Did that answer some of the mind chatter?

New classes coming soon!


If you do not have oils, please do not worry about it. Essential oils are a great way to assist with quieting the mind, but it is not necessary. If you would like to start experiencing oils in your life please either contact me or go to to learn more about oils and/or purchase oils.

The oils that I suggested for each week are just that: a suggestion. If you feel drawn to another oil use that one or use no oils. In everything that I teach, I always remind people to follow the Guidance of their Soul.

Also, do not feel that you have to attend each week in order to partake in these weekly classes. Trust me, there is great benefit in attending each week because of the Celestial Influence that happens during the Guided Meditations as well as the new perceptions, but you do not need to attend each week. Each week will be its own magical class and they don’t really build on one another like other classes I’ve taught in the past.

Any questions? Contact me at