This video demonstrates how to sage a room.

You will want to sage a room, home or office after some big events have happened in the space and/or if nothing is happening.

What are some big events?

  • Arguments happened in the room/home/office.
  • Physical fighting has happened in the room/home/office.
  • Illness or death happened in the space.
  • A new baby is coming home. Clear the space for the new person moving in.
  • Construction has happened in the space.
  • The space just had a great deal of visitors. Say after family gatherings or you just had a Super Bowl party at your house.
  • If there are lots of electronics in the room…Computers, TVs, iPads, cell phones, etc.
  • If a bankruptcy and/or divorce happened in the space (find this out before moving your family or business into the space. This will require some additional space clearing)
  • If the energy just feels heavy.

Or if you feel that nothing is happening for you….like you are having a hard time manifesting or moving forward with your business or personal life. Clear the space and set your intention for what you do want to happen.

Intention is EVERYTHING!

Happy Saging!!