It was the first business that I owned, a health club, when I had to fire someone. YIKES!!

Luckily, I had a Business Mentor and he shared exactly how to go about it:

1) Be neutral

2) Be calm

3) Tell them why they are being let go

4) Collect keys for the building… AND

5) Hand them their last check.  

Do NOT let them work the remainder of their shifts.

Let go… move on… move upward.

It was tough.  But it had to be done.  What I was paying them for wasn’t being done PLUS, they were letting people in for FREE. Hard to run a business with that going on!!


Adjustments Are Needed

In the last 25+ years, I’ve had a few businesses and I’ve had to fire a few more people.  It does become easier, because you grow in wisdom, confidence and clarity.  You know exactly what you need to have happen and what is required… and if a person isn’t meeting those needs or requirements, you make adjustments to the team.

Well, it wasn’t until a few years ago when I needed to make adjustments to my Own Team when I became a little hesitant and nervous again.

And what I mean by my “Own Team” is the Spirit Team that travels with me. Yes, I’ve fired Angels. LOL!

People think I’m crazy when I share that I’ve fired parts of or all of my Spirit Team. But why wouldn’t I?!?!?  If they are not meeting the needs or requirements, adjustments are needed.

Think About It

Each one of us is energy. Energy is everything and it is all around us. There is not one thing that is NOT energy. Even a plant that is “dying” is energy.   Because there is no death… there is only transformation of energy… which is just a different frequency/vibration of energy… Everything is energy.

If you are feeling stuck then the energy around you is stuck as well. Because everything that is the same frequency is around you. So the Spirit Team that you have can only be similarly matched in frequency to yours… which is also similar desires and emotions.

Do you follow me?

Allow Me to Share My Spirit Team Firing:

A few years ago, I was sitting in my store.  It was called Doorways To… and it was a store about empowering people to follow their Guidance from within. The merchandise was sage, incense, crystals, essential oils, guided meditation music, Spiritual growth books, tools for energy Practitioners, unique gifts and Himalayan Salt Lamps. It was what some people call a metaphysical store. I just thought it was a cool place that was located in the middle of Jamestown, North Dakota.

Well, it was my second or third year in the business. I was exhausted. Burnt out.  Done.

Then one day a thought zipped thru my head, “fire Them”.

At this time I didn’t have people working for me. It was just me working the store and my husband, Roger, helping me when he had time from his own business. So I knew it wasn’t him I was to fire. And they said, “fire Them”.

The next thing I know I’m sitting quietly and then I just Knew  what that statement meant.

REALLY!?!!  You want me to fire a Spirit?

And then I did.  

I just repeated the same steps that I was given way back at my first business. Except this time, I had no keys to collect.

In a neutral, calm state I simply spoke with the Team and shared that I was done feeling stuck, exhausted and overwhelmed.  Then I began to share what I did want to do with the business and with my own personal life. It was all matter-a-fact. It was spoken with confidence and clarity. The final step was to hire a new Team. Again I spoke with a matter-a-fact tone and asked for a new, upgraded Team that could lift me up to the next Level.  

You want to hang around with Energy that will always be lifting you up… moving you closer to more LOVE and less fear.  You are the Chief Operating Officer in your business… you are the Owner of your Company/Body… you are the Master of your Ship… Run/Manage it like you mean it!!

Let go… move on… move upward.

I LOVE Living Young and Well!