Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling run over? Feeling like you don’t know what end is up? People all up in your face? People in your comfort zone? Feeling out of Alignment? Do you work in a place that is continuous negative, low-vibration energy?

If you have pets and/or children at home, you are taking the gunk home with you that you’ve picked up from work or other low-vibration places. Energetically clean up before you get home.

Do this to re-set:

  1. Go to a bathroom. Preferably a private one.
  2. Go pee. Even if you just went. Go again, even just a little bit.
  3. Wash your hands with warm soapy water (I’m serious and stay with me here).
  4. Keep your hands under cool/cold water for a bit. Visualize/sense/know/intend that all the stress/drama/people’s ideas/chatter/thoughts/have to’s/shoulds/ya buts/etc., are all going down the drain with the cool water. Breathe while doing this. Just let go. Let it all go down the drain. Breathe. Cry if it bubbles up.
  5. Dry your hands.
  6. Shake! Shake your body. Shake your hands. Shake off all remaining gunk. Dance. Shake. Dance. Just like an animal does when it is shaking off an interaction with another animal. It shakes off the energy.
  7. Now straighten your hair. Smooth out your clothes. Breathe. This will ground you back into your body.
  8. Now walk away from what you just shook off. Just like an animal does. It walks away and leaves it behind. Have you ever watched a cat, or a dog, or a bird or even a horse. It shakes and walks away never to bring it up again.

A horse doesn’t walk over to the first horse that it sees after shaking and says, “Did you see what that so-so just did to me?”

Leave it in the bathroom…..leave it down the drain. Re-set your energy and move forward.

You are responsible for the results in/with your Life and business. BE-come a master of your energy. Change your vibration and watch your world and the people in it change. For a while you will need to do this several times a day.

Watch your Self. Watch when your energetic body becomes heavy or out of alignment. When it does, do this list ASAP.

Listen to this guided meditation as another option to re-set.