You’ve got the kids through another year of school.

Now it is time for a weekend focused on You. Learn the tools that will support You so you can show up fully for your family.

The BE You event is an event set for 30 – 48 hours of time focused strictly on You. Not taking care of anyone but You. All focus is on You. No one else. Actually paying full attention to one’s Self. The reason I’m repeating this is that this is really hard for some people to apply it in their life.

Upon check-in, each participant will receive a Soul Support Satchel of items that they will use during the Event. The 30 hours will be focused on learning how to stay in the present moment, meditations, yoga, rest, movement, naps, energy healing, and playtime. The ultimate luxury is going up to your own room at the end of Saturday and sleeping in your own bed for pure, uninterrupted rest for 8+ hours.

“AMAZING! I’ve learned so many great things. Char is a fantastic teacher. Great learning environment.” Jenny Erickson

Reiki Practitioner

Everywhere we look we are seeing and hearing; “Be your authentic self! Speak your truth. Be real. Take care of you first. etc.” Well, if your a caretaker of another person, be it that you are a parent, or you take care of an elderly parent, or anyone else that needs your help or your job/business is taking care of people this is really hard to actually incorporate into one’s life. First, we don’t even realize how important it is to have some alone time. Second, we have no idea how to go about it or what to do with time focused on our Self!

Join us and reconnect with yourSELF.

“This was very powerful, emotional and informational. The hands-on techniques learned are invaluable. I feel grounded, yet lighter. Less mind chatter and much more present. This was is an amazing experience and helped me to bring more awareness to my life .”

Tara N. Heyer

Reiki Practitioner and Master Gardener Int.

“Char is a powerful instructor. I don’t know that I can put into words the experience. I went in with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt. Towards the end of class I felt more confident and at peace.”