BE-ing You Coaching Packages

The dancing girl with colorful spots and splashes on white background. Vector illustration.

BE-ing You Coaching Packages are based on the 7 Chakras.   We will meet either every week or every other week depending on your intention, how fast you can process the energy, our schedules and Divine Timing.

The focus of our time together is also based on your intention… you want to focus on extra weight at your waist area?….do you want to focus on how to Play Bigger in your business?… you want to create more balance in your life?… you want to Be more present?… you want all of the above?…..the options are endless! What is your Heart’s Desire?

You are a Unique BEing and I would love to help you uncover You so that you can BE and Live your heart’s desire.

If you want to know anything about me at all, know that I’m serious about raising my Soul vibration so that I may BE in Alignment and in Resonance with Source AND I’m serious about helping others do the same.

BE-ing is the new do-ing and I’m here to help you achieve that!

  • 1 Session with Char is $125/hour
  • 7 Session BE-ing You Coaching Package is $750.00 (either 7 weeks or 14 weeks of coaching)

The BE-ing You Coaching Packages include 7 sessions with Char that last 60 – 90 minutes along with email support during the duration of the package…either 7 or 14 weeks. Length of the Coaching will be decided at the time of purchasing the Package because all 7 sessions will be scheduled at the time of purchase.

After the purchase, of either a session or package, and before the first session a form will be completed by you which is used by both of us to clarify what the intention will be for our time together.